Clinique Acne Solutions Review

Acne is a global issue that is increasing at a rapid pace. People all around the globe are being affected by acne due to various reasons. Acne is targeting males, females, young, old or I must say almost everyone. However, there is no sure time of this skin disease to get you, it can come anytime and because of anything when you least expect it. Usually acne shows up when you have a poor lifestyle or your body is experiencing hormonal imbalances such as in females during their periods; most of the younger females face acne breakouts during these days. Although there are so many treatment options available but ‘Clinique Acne Solutions’ is one way to treat this problem in the most effective manner.

This basically includes an anti acne products kit in it that carries an anti acne lotion, an exfoliator, and a cleanser. Not to mention but the manufacturer of this product is Clinique as the product’s name says it; this company carries a very good reputation and is pretty famous among companies that make skin care products. The makers of this product claim that it will give you the best results by regularly using it for only up to six weeks. So how does it actually work? Well, Clinique Acne Solutions basically makes sure that the excessive oil production on the skin is reduced or prevented plus the blocked pores causing acne on the skin are cleared out. All those acne causing germs and bacteria along with the dead skill cells are removed from the skin providing the customer with an acne free, flawless, and fresh skin.

However, the one big downfall that I noticed was the list of ingredients of this product; the manufacturer actually failed to provide all of them. This can be a big confusion and mystery for many customers thinking about what all is inside of this acne curing product, how does it actually works, or if it is even safe to use or not. Just the basic ingredients are mentioned on the product such as Benzoyl Peroxide, which is a strong anti acne ingredient found in several other acne treating products. We can also assume that Clinique Acne Solutions also contains salicylic acid because this is also a strong anti acne ingredient found in most of the skin care products. The problem is that both the ingredients have proven to be harsh and damaging to the skin as well especially Benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient works in removing the dead skin cells, eliminating the germs causing acne, and avoiding any acne breakouts on temporary basis. The problem is that this is just a temporary solution since when you stop using this product, acne breakouts will show up again therefore you are forced to use this product on regular basis for a long time that might not to be a good idea.

At the same time, salicylic acid found in Clinique Acne Solutions does not really shows any harsh or serious side effects but people who have used this ingredient alongside Benzoyl peroxide say that it makes the skin highly dry and aggravates acne. The only good thing about this product is its maker; Clinique, that is of course a highly reputed company.

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Blackhead Acne Treatment

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Blackhead Acne Treatment - Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads

If you suffer from mild to moderate acne you are always looking for new ways to get rid of blackheads without much success. There are many things that you can do to help treat and prevent blackheads depending on the severity of it. In order to treat the problem correctly you need to understand exactly what blackheads are so you understand the treatment. These are small deposits which usually form on your face contain oil, dust and bacteria in the pores of your skin. They may appear on different areas of your body but usually it’s on your face.

The first thing you will need to do is to determine ways to get rid of blackheads which can help current outbreaks and to prevent future blackheads. You should always wash your face daily with warm water and a mild cleanser. At any point that it feels oily you should wash it to help keep it clean. If there are specific areas of your face that is prone to blackheads you will need to avoid applying makeup to those areas.

If you are using an excessive amount of moisturizer on your skin it can increase the oil amounts and cause more breakouts. You should avoid using bar soaps and use only water on your face instead of fragranced soaps. Many individuals can decrease the amount of blackheads that they have by using less makeup or changing to a brand that has less oil in the products. You should avoid using creamy products which tend to be oily or overly fragranced.

Some of the simplest ways to get rid of blackheads is to use a moisturizer and cream that is recommended by your dermatologist. Since everyone is different you may require a different cream than what your neighbor or best friend uses. By avoiding foods that contain alot of acid and oils can also help to lessen your chance of getting blackheads and it’s effective blackhead acne treatment.


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